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Stéphane Patrix

Stéphane Patrix, Engineer of the Institute of Science Ingénieur Thermique, Energetics and Materials of Nantes, France

During his 16 years in engineering, Stéphane has been involved in major national and international projects in which he has developed his expertise in the fields of environmental engineering, energy and regulatory frameworks. Currently, he is the head of Energy and Sustainable Development (ESD) at JACOBS France, the engineering company. Stéphane and his team ensure the implementation and development of sustainable development activities within and outside JACOBS.

Stéphane´s expertise includes participating in the working group “Application” that tests the new engine RT 2012 and developing new approaches to system design. JACOBS France is engaged in the following sectors: Services, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Energy and Petrochemicals.

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