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Air Filtration in HVAC Systems

REHVA Guidebook No. 11


Authors: Jan Gustavsson (Editor), Alain Ginestet, Paolo Tronville, Marko Hyttinen

Publisher: REHVA (Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations)

Price: €20

Language: English



This Guidebook will increase the awareness of the role of air filtration to improve indoor air quality and to design energy efficient air filtration systems. It will help the designer and user to understand the background and criteria for air filtration, how to select air filters and avoid problems associated with hygienic and other conditions at operation of air filters. The selection of air filters requires a number of considerations from the air intake to the disposal of soiled air filters. The criteria for selecting an air filtration system are based on external conditions such as levels of existing pollutants, indoor air quality and energy efficiency requirements.



Air filtration in a nutshell

Use of air filters

General engineering criteria

Particulate filtration principles

Particulate air filter test methods

Particulate air filters

Gas phase air filters

Particulate air filters in service

Hygienic consideration of air filters

Application and selection of air filters

Certification of air filters

Air filtration – check list