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Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency in Schools – Part 1 Principles

REHVA Guidebook No. 13


Authors: Francesca R. d´Ambrosio Alfano (Editor), Laura Bellia, Atze Boerstra, Froukje van Dijken, Elvira Ianniello,Gino Lopardo, Francesco Minichiello, Piercarlo Romagnoni, Manuel Carlos Gameiro da Silva

Publisher: REHVA (Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations)

Price: €20

Language: English



Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency in Schools Guidebook describe the optimal design and operation of schools with respect to low energy cost and performance of the students. The book also describes the principles of good HVAC systems for schools. It focuses particularly on energy efficient systems for a healthy indoor environment.

School buildings represent a significant part of the building stock, and also a noteworthy part of the total energy use. Investment in the quality of school buildings will have good long term return of investment due to improved learning results and lower health care expenses.



Environmental comfort and energy sustainability

Indoor environmental comfort aspects

Energy savings and global comfort

HVAC systems

Energy consumption

Case studies