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Advanced system design and operation of GEOTABS buildings

REHVA Guidebook No. 20


Authors: Franziska Bockelmann, Stefan Plesser, Hanna Soldaty

Publisher: REHVA (Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations)

Price: €50

Language: English



This guidebook provides comprehensive information on GEOTABS systems. It is intended to support building owners, architects and engineers in an early design stage showing how GEOTABS can be integrated into their building concepts. It also gives many helpful advices from experienced engineers that have designed, built and run GEOTABS systems.



Terminology, symbols, units


What is GEOTABS?

Possibilities and limitations of GEOTABS

GEOTABS: Designing the ground system

GEOTABS: Designing the building

GEOTABS; System integration

GEOTABS: Commissioning, operation & maintenance


GEOTABS buildings – Diversity of solutions