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Shortness of breath – A handbook about the air in our homes

“No one should fail ill or suffer negative effects due to a deficiency in the indoor environment.” (report Swedish Government Office Report 1996:124)


Publisher: Svensk Ventilation in collaboration with VVS Tekniska föreningen

Price: Member of the Swedish Ventilation 1 copy for free (www.svenskventilation.se), another copy € 10
Not Member of Swedish Ventilation 1 copy for free, purchase additional items € 10

Language: English



We should all be entitled to breathe air in our homes which is not contaminated. This is not the case. We give little thought to air quality when we buy a property and yet most of us would insist on climate control if we were buying a new car even though we spend much more of our lives in our homes. Good air quality is important for our health and especially that of our children. The number of cases of asthma and allergies has increased substantially over the last twenty years. The quality of the air in our homes has worsened, not improved.

This book is written for anyone who is concerned about the air quality in our homes, homeowners as well as specialists. It provides information and techniques for improving the air quality around us as well as research results and details of ongoing studies. Read the book, use the knowledge and the insight it gives, and demand clean air indoors.



Good air at home – a necessity

Ventilation solutions for our homes

Energy and ventilation

Indoor environment at home and health

Radon in our dwellings

Tomorrow´s demands

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