Good indoor climate

Good indoor climate

We are growing ever more attached to our buildings. As we spend more and more of our time indoors, demand is growing for a reliable and comfortable living environment.

What is the indoor climate?

The indoor climate is made up of a number of measurable physical, chemical and biological factors.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has defined the "indoor climate" as including:

  • Thermal environment (heat, cold, draughts and humidity)
  • Atmospheric environment (pollution, air quality and volume of fresh air)
  • Acoustic environment (noise, perception of speech and sound)
  • Actinic environment (lighting, radiation and electrical/magnetic fields)
  • Mechanical environment (ergonomics, anti-slip protection and vibrations, etc.)
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Indoor Environmental Quality Equation


The equation is about indoor environmental quality (IEQ) composing from indoor air quality (IAQ), indoor thermal quality (ITQ – thermal comfort), indoor lighting quality (ILQ – visual comfort) and indoor sound quality (ISQ – acoustic comfort).

How do we control the indoor climate?

To ensure good air quality and a pleasant indoor climate at all times, buildings are equipped with intelligent indoor climate control systems – for greater comfort and better energy efficiency.

It is simple, yet very complicated.

Controlling the indoor climate

*How do we sustain the indoor climate?*

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About making the indoor climate sustainable