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August 26, 2019

Sizing procedure and system solutions for residential buildings!

Read the knowledge! About sizing procedure and system solutions for residential buildings! I was honoured to be the co-author of the REHVA guidebook on Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation. This guidebook was published in 2018 by REHVA and EUROVENT. I had the chance to actively contribute to chapters about Chapter 5 Ventilation System Layouts and Installationd […]...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

May 24, 2018

New REHVA guidebook on residential ventilation!

My name as a co-author of the REHVA guidebook on Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation! I had the honour to become one of the authors of the newest REHVA guidebook on…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

November 1, 2016

New Case Study: New single family house in Greenland!

A new Swegon Air Academy Building Case Study is a new single family house in Greenland! Recently, a brand new single family house in Sisimiut in Greenland was constructed as…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

July 12, 2016

Residential buildings consumes more energy than commercial buildings in the U.S.? And half of residential energy use is for space conditioning!

The residential buildings in the United States use more energy than commercial buildings. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 40% of all energy use in the U.S. is for…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

March 14, 2016

Why is residential HVAC and IAQ so different from commercial one?

The residential world and occupants are different from other types of buildings such as offices, hotels, etc. The occupant in home has more control over indoor activities and he is…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

January 21, 2016

New case study added: Villa Moelven in Stockholm, Sweden!

New residential building Villa Moelven in Stockholm (link here) was added to Swegon Air Academy Case Studies! Read more about this building and how it was constructed from wood, with…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

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January 19, 2016

All wood, energy-efficient and modern in Villa Moelven!

Villa Moelven is made entirely from Nordic wood products and aims to be a modern and comfortable family home that is also eco-friendly and energy efficient. To this end, traditional…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

August 11, 2015

What is the moisture supply in apartments in Sweden?

From 1950 until 1975 approximately 1.3 million apartments were built in Sweden. Now, a considerable part of these are in need of renovation.  The DCV automatically regulates the air change…...

AUTHOR: Akram Abdul Hamid

July 9, 2015

Energy-efficient renovation of buildings in Greenland!

Master thesis by Martina Marencokova and Lise Nygaard Jensen is an excellent work on survey of the situation and energy-renovation proposal in housing in Greenland. The work gives a detailed…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

June 29, 2015

Monitoring is important, especially in cold climate!

Greenlandic houses need lots of focus in respect of energy potential and indoor climate. A bachelor thesis on “Design, installation and testing of a monitoring system with a focus on…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

June 11, 2015

Small ventilation in a tiny place!

Greenlandic houses are small and are not very energy efficient, but when the building has good thermal properties you can put in the mechanical ventilation system. And that is what…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova