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September 14, 2015

Compactness, optimal placement, solar shading and building structure of a passive house school in Knivsta in Sweden!

Presentation by Archus Architects was presented at the 7PHN conference in Copenhagen in August 2015. The presentation describes the compactness of two adjacent buildings with the enclosing area towards total floor area (7,997 m3 / 6,235 m2 = 1.3), optimal placement on the building site in respect of getting the most of daylight .......

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

September 11, 2015

Full article about Moisture supply Set Point for avoidance of moisture damage in Swedish multifamily houses!

New article was published in 6th International Building Physics Conference about "Moisture supply Set Point for avoidance of moisture damage in Swedish multifamily houses!". The authors are Abdul Hamid A.,…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

August 27, 2015

Moisture risk in walls in apartment buildings!

The construction used in the simulations was chosen since it is a typical construction of the building envelope in Swedish multifamily houses from 1950-1975 [5]. Also due to vapor diffusion…...

AUTHOR: Akram Abdul Hamid

August 24, 2015

DCV, VOCs and moisture set points in a multifamily building!

A traditional mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery (MVHR) for multifamily houses runs on a constant air volume (CAV) principle. A problem, is that a CAV-system will ventilate unnecessarily much…...

AUTHOR: Akram Abdul Hamid

August 17, 2015

A task ahead for Sweden: Renovation of more than a million dwellings in apartment buildings!

To fulfill the demands by the directives of the European Union 2020 [1] and 2050 [2], Sweden must retrofit its current building stock in order to achieve a lower energy…...

AUTHOR: Akram Abdul Hamid

August 13, 2015

New case study building added! Högåsskolan in Knivsta!

A new passive house school was built in Knivsta (link to the case study Högåsskolan in Knivsta), about 50 km from Stockholm. The architect´s company designing the school was the…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

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August 11, 2015

What is the moisture supply in apartments in Sweden?

From 1950 until 1975 approximately 1.3 million apartments were built in Sweden. Now, a considerable part of these are in need of renovation.  The DCV automatically regulates the air change…...

AUTHOR: Akram Abdul Hamid

July 20, 2015

Air leakage test with blower door in Knivsta, passive house

A passive house school in Knivsta needs to have a good air tightness (n50<0.6 h-1) to be certified as a passive house according the Passive House Institute and German definition…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

July 17, 2015

Termography in Knivsta, passive house!

Have you ever seen the thermography report from a passive house? Did you ever see a thermographic picture of a thermal bridge? Check out this report (Hogasskolan-in-Knivsta-termography-test-report.pdf) on passive house…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

July 3, 2015

Master Thesis on innovation in HVAC available for download!

Lydia Karlefors´ master thesis on “Impact of Energy Performance Regulations on HVAC Innovation: Adressing the Characteristics of French and Swedish Regulations” is available for download (link here). You can also…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

May 26, 2015

New recording of Francesco Errico´s presenting his master thesis was added!

Check out the recording of Francesco Erico´s Master Thesis about demand controlled ventilation – study on energy and comfort! Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux-40Xi5VhE Find his thesis at his profile page (link…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova