The team behind Air Academy

We are the people making this amazing knowledge sharing possible and accessible to you.

Mikael Börjesson

I am responsible for Air Academy together with Malin. I am also responsible for sustainability strategy and strategic planning of competence development throughout the Swegon Group

I have a solid knowledge of ventilation and building automation and I'm passionate about indoor climate knowledge, both within Swegon and the industry as a whole.

Malin Höij

I am responsible for Air Academy together with Mikael. I am also responsible for Brand Communication at Swegon Group.

I am curious, questioning and eager to learn. I am also passionate about my job, staying healthy and love to make us all feel good inside.

Petra Vladykova Bednarova

I have been working with Swegon Air Academy for more than 10 years - organizing seminars throughout the world, writing articles and working on the website.

I am a passionate advocate of knowledge sharing in any form. And I admire the architecture, design and technology of the buildings.

Åsa Norén-Lundh

I have a passion for solutions that create a great indoor environment and make people feel good inside. I have a background within product management and system development from a room and user perspective.

My role within Swegon is to drive and develop knowledge and research about the indoor climate both internally and externally.

Emily Kilsby

I help with updating and creating content for the Swegon Air Academy website.

I love learning about ventilation technology and the innovative ways in which we can imrpove the indoor spaces in which we spend so much time.

Amanda Westin

I make sure the website functions and the platform behind it are performing well.

As technology and the digital era is my passion, I am fascinated by the new and exciting technologies combined with solutions for indoor climate which will create both smart and healthy indoor environments.


Örjan Bäckstrand

I focus on managing, planning and developing competence both inside and outside of Swegon in order to create the world’s best indoor climate.

My passion is peoples wellbeing and health, and by educating within indoor climate and ventilation - I work towards this every day.