We share the knowledge through a series of webinars.

Visualising the Invisible


This 4-part webinar series by Swegon Air Academy will help you to visualise the invisible by breaking down what makes up the indoor climate. How do we measure it, what is contained within and how to best utilise the elements of indoor climate. Each session will take a deep-dive into people, comfort, ventilation and acoustics.


Optimising the indoor climate to perform on top  

Upcoming webinar 25 May 2022

Save the date for our first webinar 'Optimising the indoor climate to perform on top'.

To be able to perform on top it is of utmost importance to let the body recover and have a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to have a close collaboration with the Swedish Biathlon team where you will listen and get an insight into the life of some of the top biathlon athletes in Sweden.

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