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How to optimize indoor climate and improve comfort

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Lecturers: Åsa Norén-Lundh & Mikael Börjesson

How can we, by utilizing ventilation in combination with the building construction and floor layout, make sure that we meet demands for both comfort and energy efficiency?


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How an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focus is a competitive advantage to the real estate sector

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Lecturers: Johan Hägg, Rick Aller, Magnus Andersson & Malin Höij

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standard can be used to evaluate the sustainability impact of a company. A lot of focus has been given to the Environmental criteria, but how can we approach the Social and Governance parts? Can the indoor environment be part of the solution?


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Lowering energy consumption without compromising comfort

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Lecturers: Åsa Wahlström, Ida Bryn, Carl-Ola Danielsson, Nicklas Svensson & Åsa Norén-Lundh

How do we reduce the energy consumption without compromising on the indoor climate? Our experts will discuss overall strategies and recommendations on what impacts you may need to consider for people and buildings. In this webinar we will focus on non residential buildings such as offices, schools, shopping malls and hotels, etc.


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EPD/LCA — Possibilities from a HVAC installation and lighting perspective

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Lecturers: Mirko Sauvan, Anders Fransson & Åsa Norén-Lundh

Life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declaration (EPD) contribute to an increasing accuracy and transparency of environmental impacts of products and the building industry as a whole. These insights enable people and companies like end customer, property owners, architects and/or the consultant to calculate CO2 footprints more reliably.


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Indoor climate — A key factor to perform on top

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Lecturers: Malin Höij & Christoffer Lindström

To be able to perform on top it is of utmost importance to let the body recover and have a healthy lifestyle. Get an insight into the lives of some of the top biathlon athletes in Sweden. In this recording of the webinar you will get an insight into the lives of some of the top biathlon athletes in Sweden.


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Visualising the Invisible


This 4-part webinar series by Swegon Air Academy will help you to visualise the invisible by breaking down what makes up the indoor climate. How do we measure it, what is contained within and how to best utilise the elements of indoor climate. Each session takes a deep-dive into people, comfort, ventilation and acoustics.


Deep-knowledge videos

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Oslo Opera House — Targets, solutions and challenges

Ida Bryn

Webinar recording from Swegon Air Academy, 2017.