Controlling the indoor climate

We need to control the indoor climate to achieve the best environment for us: as building occupants of our homes, offices, schools and other places we live in, work and visit.

Keep in mind...

Controlling the indoor climate means providing increased well-being and energy saving in an automated form.

Poor air quality makes people tired.

Intelligent climate control system

An indoor climate system is a complex system that is able to detect and regulate the indoor conditions in a building based on several parameters such as input data and required conditions.

The intelligent indoor climate system enables:

  • Time-controlled and demand-controlled climate functions.
  • Parameters-controlled and time-controlled variations.
  • An increase in building occupants' comfort.
  • Optimised operation and ensured maintenance.


Deep dive into the intelligent climate control system
We do not seem to recognize that our real customer is the occupant, not the building.
H.F. Levy, P.E.