Health, well-being and productivity

Health, well-being and productivity

Our bodies must be able to expel excess heat and remain within the right temperature range so that we can feel comfortable and work well. If we can't do this, our health, well-being and productivity will suffer.

Indoor climate and impact our health & well-being 

Over thousands of years our human needs within the indoor environment have changed, however what our body requires has remained the same.

If our bodies and minds aren't getting what they need this can result in a whole range of complications and when it comes to the quality of the indoor environment — the air we breathe is often underestimated.

A poor indoor climate can bring about short term impacts such as headaches and drowsiness, and if not addressed can lead to longer term implications such as illness, disease and reduced well-being.


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Connection between health, well-being and productivity

Physical health and mental well-being are inextricably related. Well-being is associated with numerous health-, job-, family-, and economically-related benefits.

People at work with high levels of well-being tend to report greater job satisfaction, which can lead to increased productivity, higher employee retention, and improved organizational performance.

Indoor climate — productivity and performance 

The link between the indoor climate and our productivity and performance is still the subject of intense research: with many links between our strategic thinking, memory and efficiency, already been proven. 

Having the right indoor environment is not only a question of comfort and health but also of money — for the individual and the employer, and for society as a whole.

The office and school environment are two functional building spaces where we can clearly demonstrate how the indoor climate can impact our productivity and performance.


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Our bodies and minds react to the indoor climate

There are so many factors that impact how we feel when we spend time indoors, and our body can react to these factors in different ways.

Temperature and humidity can cause us to have dry eyes, or a sore throat, feel tired or feel too cold or hot: too much or not enough of either can have negative impacts. Getting the balance right can really help us to function well while we are indoors.

Being in a space that is poorly ventilated can also produce long term effects within our body: airborne dieseases are spread more easily and we can develop respiratory problems. 


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"A healthy outside starts from the inside."                     — Robert Urich