Swegon Air Academy

Swegon Air Academy

Swegon Air Academy is a platform for sharing objective knowledge about the indoor environment we live, sleep, work — and, most importantly — breathe in.

From air quality to healthy indoor environments, from ventilation to building systems, and from scientific findings to industry partnerships, we share with you our knowledge about the indoor climate, ventilation and peoples' well-being in buildings.

Updates & Insights

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Good ventilation is always needed.

Proper ventilation keeps the air fresh in a building. Ventilation refers to the exchange of outdoor and indoor air. Good ventilation provides a healthy and productive environment.


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Indoor climate is invisible.

A good indoor climate — for body and soul — is not too dry nor too humid; it is just right and, thus, unnoticeable.


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All about health, well-being and productivity.

Our health, well-being and productivity are strongly influenced by the context of where we spend our time — where we live, sleep and work.


It all leads to health, well-being and productivity
We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister