Trends and new facts

Trends and new facts

Trends and new facts are based on today´s world and where we all work in. Everything is constantly changing, and we — and buildings — need to be flexible & adaptable. The new ways of thinking will help people work safely and feel better.

The new office design

The pandemic disrupted the idea of a 'traditional office' work environment, and there is a need to reimagine the concept of office space as more flexible workplaces with more social spaces. The solution will require new ways of thinking that will help people work, feel and be better.

The office building is no longer just a container for workers; it will become less important to maximize density. As people adapt to a hybrid lifestyle where the workforce is split between the office and home, the role of the workplace will be to strengthen relationships, teach others, and build community, culture, and purpose.

Also, the workplace is a place for different generations so there is plenty of discussion about how different working styles can be accommodated. The overall goal is to create a flexible, welcoming and safe workplace and shape future expectations for the office.


So, what is the new office design?

"As a result of pandemic, the workplace will be forever changed. We won't step back in time, simply 'returning' to our former offices. Instead, we will be moving forward to a new place. Instead, we will be moving forward to a new place. The hybrid office might look similar in many ways, but it’s going to be modified in strategic ways, incorporating new practices, new protocols, and new technologies."

Ben Tranel, Gensler

The new purpose of the office

A new working paradigm has emerged, not only questioning from 'where' we work but also 'when', 'how' and 'in what way'.

All this leads to the new behaviour and workstream in a new format for offices. Design strategies for the post-pandemic world will focus on the people's wishes to reconnect, reimagine, with priority for healthy & human experience, and the ultimate goal is to create a safe space.

The office for tomorrow will be all about the flexible and hybrid approach for the future. The new offices will be modified for new practises & designs, protocols and technologies.

Also, there is a a massive shift in global work patterns. There are new behaviors, newly adopted technologies and adjustments to the new ways of working. Today, there is a deeper understanding of the fundamental role of place in how people work, especially how they work together.


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Renovating for increased profitability

Sustainable renovation of existing buildings leads to improvement of their energy performance and better performance in terms of its environmental impact and its occupants' environment, thus affecting their well-being and productivity.

Since the majority of buildings had been already built, there is a need to focus on renovation and refurbishment to make a real change in time and use all available materials and smart technologies to achieve optimal environments for all buildings' occupants.

There is also a need to implement different strategies and concepts to increased sustainable development of materials and technologies to create environmentally friendly building products. Then, it becomes easier to balance quality, cost and the environment.


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"The office is here to stay, but its role is set to change."       — Anonymous