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Swegon Air Academy’s very first seminar ever in Italy!
May 3, 2012

Swegon Air Academy’s very first seminar ever in Italy!

March 27, 2012, Milan, Italy

On sunny and warm Tuesday at the end of March, Swegon Air Academy held the very first seminar in the beautiful city of Milan in Italy. The seminar was held at the Fiera Milano during the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition. Max Tillberg from the Swedish engineering consultancy Bengt Dahlgren was the speaker and the theme was “The green building, a case study from Sweden”. The seminar was attended by 22 people, all men who took the time to come and listen to an interesting presentation.

The headquarter building of Bengt Dahlgren is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and during the design phase it was a clear goal to reach but lower energy use than the Swedish building code allows and to be a certified as the Green Building. The office building accommodates more than 150 employees. Max´s presentation included both the benefits in energy savings, but also the unusual challenges they experienced during the first year. For example, they encountered some problems with the control system for the lightning, as the lights were sometimes switching off for no reason during the day and vice versa.

In the presentation, Max focused highly on the demand-controlled system in this building which controls basically every electronic device in the building, from the ventilation system to the PC equipment in the offices. Because of the high focus on energy savings, everything from computers, lamps and to other electronic devices are shut down at nights. Max showed the building´s energy performance and the results show that the building performs better than calculated, i.e. the total consumption is 77 kWh/(m2.a) compared to the calculated 89 kWh/(m2.a) . As an interesting learning point, Max said that the heating consumption was lower than expected and the used cooling energy was almost half of the estimated numbers.

After the seminar, the participants mingled and exchanged their thoughts on the demand-controlled system that is becoming a core requirement in Italy.

This was the first Swegon Air Academy seminar held in Italy. And we are confident that now the word about Swegon Air Academy’s forum for sharing the knowledge will spread among the Italians. Next planned seminars in Italy are in early autumn.

Keep an eye on our seminar calendar at the website www.swegonairacademy.com for more updates!

Photo of Max Tillberg by Satu Palmgren