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Interview on Simply GREEN book with Conny
Simply GREEN & GRÖNT Helt Enkelt
February 5, 2013

Interview on Simply GREEN book with Conny

Interview with Conny, former Manager of Swegon Air Academy and the man standing behind the book Simply GREEN.

1.    Swegon Air Academy has just released Simply GREEN. Can you tell me more about the process – why did you decide to do it? How long have you worked with the book? Who has been involved?

From the very beginning, our intention was to successively edit a number of books in a series, called “Simply…” The first book out was “Simply EPBD”. It was a result of that we ourselves realised that we knew too little about the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive). It is mostly the same with this new book: There were so many different energy-based and environment certification systems, but no one could describe the differences and to be able to decide which system to choose, it should be a hard work. The whole idea with Swegon Air Academy is to explain and describe even complicated issues in an understandable way. Why shouldn´t we even this time? The work has continued about one year, but most intense during the second half of 2012. Authors this time have been two professionals from CIT Energy Management in Gothenburg, Daniel Olsson and Catrin Heincke.

2.    For whom have you written the book? Has anyone requested this kind of book?

The book is written for different target groups: In first place for ourselves to learn more and to make it possible to take an active part in the energy and environment discussion. We also received the question from the market, if we could consider write and edit a book on this theme. Builders, investors, developers, consultants are all important target groups as well as schools, universities etc.

3.    Can you tell me more about the content of this book?

In “Simply GREEN” the most commonly used certification systems are described rather thoroughly and we have chosen to divide them into two groups: Energy-based certification systems and Environment certification systems. Some less common systems are described more roughly. It should be mentioned that there are even more systems available in the world-wide market, but we have chosen to focus at systems with some spreading.

4.    When will this book be useful?

We believe that the book will be very useful when a builder/investor/developer intend to certify a building – old or new. How should he be able to choose the most appropriate certification system? In this book he receives a very comprehensive – but still informative – guidance. To make young students aware of the existing systems, the book should be a very good help.

5.    Maybe I am wrong, but isn’t it pretty hard to understand how to certificate building? Have you had this in mind when writing this book?

The idea with the book is to explain what the different certification systems mean and of course certification is complicated, but we don´t describe in detail how. We concentrate on describing what the different systems evaluate. After reading “Simply GREEN” it is hopefully easier to choose which system to give priority to. Then there is loads of information available. Our book is just a guide.

6.    Why do we need to certificate buildings at all?

If you are a serious property owner/renter, of course you will make everything possible to reduce the impact on the environment. One of the biggest and most important factors is to reduce the use of energy. Certifying a building gives the answer how energy efficient the building is. Two buildings can look exactly the same but have totally different energy performance. The certificate gives a potential buyer important information about the status of the building. Besides several certification systems also pay attention to land-use, water management, logistics or else communications, etc.

7.    Can you mention three good reasons why I should read Simply GREEN?

If you represent one of the target groups mentioned above and plan to design, build or renovate a building, I will give you the following three reasons to read the book:
    a. You get guidance to which certification you should use
    b. A certified building gives a better rental income
    c. The market value of a certified building is growing faster than the value of an uncertified building
If you are not from the primary target group, as defined above, of course you could read the book anyway and learn a lot. Knowledge is a light burden – and besides you become interesting as a specialist at the job-market.

8.    Do I need to be a member of the Swegon Air Academy to be able to read it?

Anyone can buy “Simply GREEN” as well as all the books at the Swegon Air Academy BOOKSTORE at the website www.swegonairacademy.com for the price of €20 in Swedish and English languages. As a member of Swegon Air Academy you can get the books to an even more attractive price of €15. And there will be also EBOOK versions of this book available in 2013!

9.    Do you think this book will be a new bestseller from the Swegon Air Academy? Do you think it will be more popular than “AIR”?

Considering all questions and the many inquiries during the writing and printing process, I strongly believe that this will be a bestseller. Compared to “AIR”, this book is not that exclusive, but “Simply GREEN” gives answers to a lot of frequently asked questions. “AIR” was edited to put the Swegon Air Academy on the map, which succeeded. “Simply GREEN” will for sure contribute to establish and improve the Swegon Air Academy position on the market as the no.1 knowledge conveyor.

Thank you, Conny, for this interview. And good luck with the book.

This interview has been conducted by Anna from SwegonBladet.