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Swegon Air Academy seminar in Nantes on 12th April 2013
April 16, 2013

Swegon Air Academy seminar in Nantes on 12th April 2013

On my way to the hotel from the airport the taxi driver told me that I was lucky because the day before there had been terrible weather and lots of wind forcing planes try to land several times before making a proper touchdown. So happy about that, thank you! Don’t want to be traumatized for a life and not be able to attend these fantastic seminars that the Swegon Air Academy is arranging almost every month in different parts of Europe.

This time the seminar was held in la Chapelle sur Erdre just outside of Nantes, the 6th largest city in France. The venue was Chateau de la Poterie build in Louis XVI style year 1789. The surroundings were exquisite just by the river L’ Erdre.  Imagine springtime with green grass, leaves on trees, the river running only a few hundred meters from the Chateau.  And then just between them both a large paddock with 6 horses who just were let out after spending the night in the stables. The horses really gave us a fantastic morning show which will not be forgotten any time soon. What a perfect start for the seminar “Added-value for Commercial Buildings” with Frank Hovorka and Suzanne Deoux.

Suzanne Deoux gave lecture on health aspect in energy-efficient buildings and Frank Hovorka talked about the economic value of a building. Further information can be found in their presentations by following this link.

47 people attended the seminar which was nearly a new record for the France seminars.  This was the third time in Nantes and the knowledge of our seminars has spread obviously. The audience was really engaged with lots of questions during the presentations which also continued during the mingle breaks. The seminar day ended with the French tradition with a cocktail lunch.

The next French seminar will be in Marseille on the 7th of June.