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Energy Chalmers Conference 2013 – Part 1: What is happening?
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May 29, 2013

Energy Chalmers Conference 2013 – Part 1: What is happening?

What: Chalmers Energy Conference – The role of energy efficiency. Where: Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden. When: May 14-16, 2013. Overall very good conference with interesting topics and wide spread of attendees from researchers from academic area to engineers and consultants from industry. The presenters gave their insight on what is happening in areas of building, industry and transport. Read the series of articles about this conference, which I had the chance to attend but also to present at.

It was a bit surprising that for such a good conference with really good program, only 140 people showed up, even though over 180 people have registered. I have overheard some reasons why this excellent conference was not as crowded as in the previous years. One of the reasons might be that the conference had a very broad scope and people only came for certain parts. The other reason might be the economic situation in Europe and that similar situation is actually happening in other conferences which are not as crowded as in previous years.

Anyway I think that was an excellent conference and here are some comments from the audience about situation in Europe.

“Future generation will forgive us for doing mistakes, but they will not forgive us for not trying!”

“Is it our challenge in old building stock and in aging population to create something hopeful? We, in EU, are energy-dependent, we might not be leading in energy development, but we can try to be as effective in green development. We can be leaders on how to do it properly, as they are already very green in Asia but still have not solved the situation.”

“Perhaps we have something more to contribute!”

“We need to have ability to understand the overview of energy flow and content. We have the ability to understand on component level but we need an overview.”

“Energy efficiency is not sexy, and not so many people understand it, but that is why we can be encouraged looking into it and finding interesting things and even utilize them.”

All information and presentation can be found at http://www.chalmers.se/en/areas-of-advance/energy/events/chalmersenergyconference/Pages/Chalmers-Energy-Conference-2013.aspx including the program and presentations.