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DCV in action: theory and practice
April 8, 2014

DCV in action: theory and practice

Swegon Air Academy seminar on Practical Experience with Designing Energy-efficient Systems was held 13th of March in Riga, Latvia. The seminar was attended by 48 participants who were eager to learn more on DCV from John Woollett and Max Tillberg. This news describes real experience from John Woollett.

“What a difference, I was in Riga only once before and the fog of communism still hung thick in the air, seemingly refusing to lift. My experience this time however could not have been more different. Directly from the first step into a face-lifted terminal building at Riga airport to the quick drive to downtown.

Although the main focus of the trip was the seminar on DCV and its application, I had the good fortune to see a renovation project first hand. An apartment building from the early 20th century was now being given a complete refurbishment and will become a 4 star hotel and casino opening in time for the summer. This appears to be happening all over Riga, which is about time, because out of the three Baltic republics Latvia seems to be the last one benefiting from investment.

The seminar programme was well attended with 48 keen participants and it was good to see some familiar faces from my last visit.

Presenting with simultaneous translation is never easily, but when Max got through his presentation in record time and we were a bit concerned that the interpreters hadn’t managed to keep up. But we need not have feared. A full 30 minutes of questions followed covering all subject from the sensitivity of VOC sensors and their correct position, to the correct combination of sensor types and maintenance. Fortunately, this gave me a good opportunity to cover some of my points and I could prepare the audience for the second presentation on difference DCV control schematics. My presentation had every risk of being too dry and boring, but gauging from the audience afterwards everyone seemed to have got the message that DCV can really help reduce energy bills without compromising IAQ and it is easy to understand and if you follow some basic principles straight forward to include in a building new or old.

Thanks to all the people who attended and to the staff of Swegon Latvia for an excellently organised and open session.”