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Simply GREEN as a useful reference book!
Simply GREEN & GRÖNT Helt Enkelt
June 17, 2014

Simply GREEN as a useful reference book!

Simply GREEN is often used as a useful reference and it was already quoted in several publications and presentations!

When Simply GREEN was published,  the book was sent to several Swegon Air Academy lecturers – as often they are distinguished professors and researchers – and we are pleased to hear from them that they use this book as education material in their seminars. For example the book is used in the Lund University as part of the reference literature for courses.

During Riksdag with SWEDVAC (www.emtfriksdag.se) the Simply GREEN was an inspiration for the programme and EMTF has even created a board game about environmental certification jungle.

Furthermore Simply GREEN (or GRÖNT Helt Enkelt in Swedish) was quoted in:

  • Report on Energy and environmental classification systems of buildings in Sweden (Swedish title: Energi- och Miljöklassning av byggnader i Sverige), written by Bengt Dahlgren AB and CIT Energy Management AB, and published by Lågan (link to the file). This report describes various types of energy- and environmental classification systems for buildings used in Sweden describing the suitability of these systems.
  • Barriers and opportunities in structural elements re-use written by Petr Hradil for VTT (link to report here)
  • Science for Environmental Policy on behalf of the European Commission’s DG Environment
  • Sustainable Buildings by Alan Yates, Elisabeth Green and Tristan Hope, which will be published as part of the “Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure” series
  • Energy efficient and healthy buildings, report nu5 from REHVA Workshops at CLIMA 2013, where the bubble diagram from Simply GREEN is used in the report Green Lease: Launchpad for Green Techs and Energy Efficiency by Frank Hovorka, V.N. Tiet and Maija Virta (find the link to the report here)
  • Rough Guide to Sustainability, 4th edition, RIBA publications, 2014, written by our own lecturer Brian Edwards
  • Frank Hovorka, another of our distinguished lecturers, uses the bubble diagram from Simply GREEN when he gives a lecture on Value of a building: Information and life cycle (download his presentation from Barcelona, 2014)


There were several articles published about the Simply GREEN and you can find the most interesting ones at www where you can also download some free chapters of the books.