Simply GREEN & GRÖNT Helt Enkelt
July 21, 2014

1st redeem voucher for free Simply GREEN eBook for iPAD!


Here is the detailed information how to redeem the code.

As a special treat for Swegon Air Academy members, five redeem vouchers for free Simply GREEN eBook for iPAD devices will be published between July 21-25 (10:00, UTC +1:00). Follow to obtain the codes and redeem eBook for free!

If you miss the chance for free eBook you can still purchase SAA eBooks  for iPAD and Kindle. Visit iTunes´ iBookstore or Amazon Kindle Store. Find more information here.

2 Responses

  1. horst_98 says:

    I tried to redeem the code but iTunes refuses with “code not valid”
    is the System cheating me?

  2. Petra Vladykova says:

    If you got the message “code not valid” it means that you have typed it incorrectly.