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History of radon!
October 27, 2014

History of radon!

History in years

20141010 Radon 2 - history

1500 – High rate of mortality, disease of miners, disease called mountain sickness

1800 – Mountain sickness identified as lung cancer

1900 – Radioactivity found in brick, ionizing radiation were twice as large indoors as outdoor

1920 – Connection detected between lung cancer and exposing to the radon

1970 – Risks similar like radon in mines were also found in radon in buildings

1956-1956 – 287 homes were measured in Stockholm in Sweden, houses with alum shale-based lightweight concrete had significantly higher radiation doses

1968 – SIB warned that shale-based (uranium-rich) lightweight concrete could cause problems with radon

1975 – The production of shale-based (uranium-rich) lightweight concrete were dropped

1979 – First radon investigation after the alarm about high radon concentrations in Ekedalen in Vastergotland in Sweden


Source by Ingemnar Samulsson, SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut