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Accredition of webinar #1 completed!
July 2, 2015

Accredition of webinar #1 completed!

Webinar #1 on “Indoor air quality and the impact on school children’s performance” with David P. Wyon was AIA-approved for architects.

Architects need to understand how indoor climate affects peoples’ comfort and productivity in the buildings they design. Three recorded webinars on the subject of indoor climate – geared specifically to architects – are now available on Swegon Air Academy. These webinars are AIA-approved, enabling architects to use them for their professional development.

Link to the webinar (link here).

Webinar #1 – Learning Objectives

In this webinar #1, you will…

  • Examine the effects of temperature, outdoor air supply rate and airborne particles on children in school classrooms
  • Investigate whether improving classroom air quality and maintaining an ideal temperature can improve children’s school performance
  • Understand the effects of window/door opening, increasing the outdoor air supply rate from an existing mechanical ventilation system and operation of split cooling units
  • Examine sensors applications (CO2, T, RH, pollutants), window opening control, variable exhaust flow, balanced ventilation, pre-heat of supply air, recover of heat from exhaust flow, remove pollutants using wheel purging

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