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Knivsta, a passive house school in Sweden!
July 16, 2015

Knivsta, a passive house school in Sweden!

A new passive house school was built in Knivsta, about 50 km from Stockholm. The architect´s company designing the school was the Archus Architects, Margareta Löfgren and Anna Kovács. The high school was built as passive in order to minimize the cost of school from a lifecycle perspective. The heat requirement for the school is below 15 kWh/(m2.a). The school will accommodate 400 children. The heated temperature (Atemp) is about 5,000 m2.

The school has an integrated gymnasium that meets curriculum requirements up to grade 6, as well as a preparation kitchen. The building is relatively square with three floors, which provide very good conditions for achieving passive house standards in a cost effective manner.

In June 2015 the school was awarded the International Passive House certification.

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Image from IG passivhus