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New case study added! Single and family houses in Greenland!
Case studies
August 10, 2015

New case study added! Single and family houses in Greenland!

New case study about single and family houses in Greenland (link here) was added to our website. This case study is special because it describes a set of buildings build in Greenland in first half of 20th century. First type is 18D (single and double family house) and second is Tuapannguanut (alias “Lego” row houses). These houses were build with inadequate insulation, lacking air tightness and also no ventilation system.

This case study lists a set of documents about what is the situation in these houses (including indoor climate and energy renovation), proposal how to “wrap up” the buildings in extra layer of insulation including super air tight layer, design of efficient ventilation system in a limited space and extensive monitoring system.

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