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Energy efficiency and integrated design in upcoming nZEB legislation!
January 25, 2016

Energy efficiency and integrated design in upcoming nZEB legislation!

Energy efficiency is all about Integrated Building Design; Passive solutions optimization; Active systems optimization; and Efficient technology.

“Integrated design is an approach that considers the design process as well as the physical solutions with the overall goal to optimize buildings as whole systems throughout the lifecycle. In the early design phases, the opportunities to positively influence building performance are great, while cost and disruptions associated with design changes are very small.” UE MaTriD project, Market Transformation Towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Through Widespread use of Integrated Energy Design.

Integrated design should include these criteria:

  • Collaboration within the integrated mutli-disciplinary Building Design Team;
  • Discussion and evaluation of multiple alternative design concepts;
  • Clear goal setting;
  • Building performance assessed in a lifecycle perspective;
  • Systematic monitoring;
  • First optimize passive solutions;
  • In an integrated design process, high indoor comfort and low energy consumption should be achieved through passive design measures;
  • As few efficient technical systems as possible.