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New video on “Conditions – Energy simulations and an almost zero-energy buildings”!
April 14, 2016

New video on “Conditions – Energy simulations and an almost zero-energy buildings”!

A new video recording of a presentation on “Olosuhde – ja energiasimuloinnilla kohti lähes nollaenergiarakennuksia” by Mika Vuolle is available for viewing here (link here). Mika speaks in Finnish language and you can download the presentation in PDF in Finnish language (link here).

Mika Vuolle is currently Equa Simulation Finland Oy’s Managing Director. Previously he has worked as a researcher and teacher at the University of Technology of HVAC technology. He has also been a change researcher at the University of Technology in Stockholm and has been involved in the Swedish IDA projects since 1996. Mika has also worked in the Ministry of the Environment over-engineer and project manager for Indoor Air Association. Mika is known as one of the preparation of the 2012 total energy of the provisions of the participant in a consultant, together with the Research Professor Miimu Airaksinen, as well as one of the IDA Indoor Climate and Energy software developer. He has also been selected twice a year SULVIn trainer.

The presentation was recording during Swegon Air Academy seminar “Road to nZEB and hospital ventilation – simulations and new standards” in Mikkeli in Finland on March 17, 2016. Video was recorded and provided by Timo Vainikka from MAMK University of Applied Science in Finland.

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