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New lottery for those who “Follow Us”! Winner will receive “Chilled Beam Application Guidebook”!
May 27, 2016

New lottery for those who “Follow Us”! Winner will receive “Chilled Beam Application Guidebook”!

At the end of week 22, a new lottery will be drawn from all members of Swegon Air Academy network who signed up to “Follow Us”.  The winner will receive the REHVA Guidebook no5 “Chilled Beam Application Guidebook”. Sign up to “Follow Us” (link here) to also have a chance to win this book.

This guidebook number 5 was written by Maija Virta (Editor), David Butler, Jonas Gräslund, Jaap Hogeling, Erik Lund Christiansen, Mika Reinikainen, Gunnar Svensson. The topic of the guidebook, chilled beam cooling, is extremely important with respect to indoor environments. This relatively new technology has rapidly spread all over the Europe. Its advantages include low noise generation, low room velocities and flexibility. High temperature level of the cooling media also improves the energy efficiency of the mechanical cooling and allows longer periods of free cooling. The guidebook presents the principles of chilled beam cooling and illustrates its practical applications.

Content of the guidebook is: Theoretical background, Room air-conditioning system selection, Creating good indoor climate with chilled beams, Chilled beam system design and product selection, Installation and commissioning, Running of chilled beam systems, and Case studies.