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Happy National Day of Sweden! 10x free vouchers for Simply GREEN ebook just for you!
News • Simply GREEN & GRÖNT Helt Enkelt
June 6, 2016

Happy National Day of Sweden! 10x free vouchers for Simply GREEN ebook just for you!

Do want to know more about energy and environmental certification schemes for buildings? In our book Simply GREEN the building certifications  are compared to each other on the same level. This book discusses six environmental and three purely energy-based certification systems along with fourth briefly discussed certification systems: BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, Green Star, Miljöbyggnad, HQE, Green Building, Minergie, Passive House, CASBEE, IGBC, ENERGY STAR and Effinergie. You can find the free chapters to download at the our Bookstore (link to Simply GREEN in the Swegon Air Academy Bookstore).

The 10x free redeem codes for Simply GREEN for iPAD devices are:


Each redeem voucher may be redeemed one time only, by a single person. Therefore only the first person to redeem a voucher will receive the eBook. Here is the detailed information how to redeem the code.

If you miss the chance for free eBook you can still purchase Swegon Air Academy eBooks  for iPAD and Kindle. Visit iTunes´ iBookstore or Amazon Kindle Store. Find more information here.