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What is Swegon Air Academy?
August 31, 2016

What is Swegon Air Academy?

Swegon Air Academy is a platform for disseminating knowledge and experience. Our ambition is to work neutrally and objectively in an easily understandable and informative way in the fields of building design, air conditioning and ventilation. In 2005, Swegon Air Academy (SAA) was formed as a
platform for sharing the knowledge.

Swegon Air Academy is one of the very few players among the market’s commercial and non-commercial organizations whose role is not to generate money or provide product training, but to share knowledge
on a wide scale. It is the policy of Swegon Air Academy to disseminate information using neutral channels, without advertising or marketing any products, solutions or systems. By remaining neutral, we ensure that attention is fully focused on effective knowledge exchange and the seriousness of the issues involved.

Swegon Air Academy contributes to increased awareness about subjects such as energy issues, healthy indoor environments and ventilation knowledge. In collaboration with leading experts in the field, even complex problems are explained in an intelligible way, making them understandable to people who really need to know more. It is our profound belief that poorly functioning systems can be significantly improved and thus provide healthier indoor climates at reasonable costs – if the whys and wherefores can be explained. If we can achieve this, then we can then design and build systems which are economically viable and controlled, regulated and monitored to ensure maximum flexibility.

Our seminars are all about indoor air quality, ventilation and energy efficiency in buildings with topics for example on passive house, green buildings, data centre, free cooling, heat recovery, and more.