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Brexit and how will it effect the building standards in United Kingdom?
September 21, 2016

Brexit and how will it effect the building standards in United Kingdom?

United Kingdom leaving the EU (Brexit) will affect more than 40,000 individual items in legislation, especially in environmental legislation and energy management law. Many princilples in the UK, Scotland or England and Wales, comes from EU legislation. Althought the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is implemented individually by each member state. It is more complex because the EPBD is implemented in England and UK in two separate sets of regulations – the Building Regulations and the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) Regulations.

United Kingdom is part of the Climate Change Act (2008) to reduce emissions by 2050 by at least 80%. The Act requires the government to set out its policies to meet the targets and it will now need to reflect the UK´s changin relation with the EU. Yet, it does not seems like the break up (Brexit) will lead to the wholesale changes to existing UK legislation. Most likely UK willl exit late in 2018.

Read more about EPBD in United Kingdom in our book Simply EPBD and download some free chapters here (link here).

Source of the article by Hywel Davies is CIBSE Journal August 2016.