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September 28, 2016

Great article on how ventilation works!

I found a great article on how ventilation works explained for non-technical person. The article “Explaining to a layperson how air conditiners works” by Stephen W. Duda published in the ASHRAE Journal August 2016. I do encourage all of you to read it, you will definitely enjoy it.

Here are the bulletpoints, but I do recommned to read the whole article.

  • there is no such thing as “cold” in science or engineering
  • there is only heat (a form of energy that changes from higher to lower temperatures)
  • engineers try to make things “cold” by moving the heat from inside of buildings to outside
  • heat wants to flow from a place there is a lot of it to a place there is less of it, i.e. in a house that can be achieved by opening windows and hoping the heat will escape outside voluntarily
  • if it doen´t go “itself”, you need ventilation unit to do it for you

Stephen continues with explaining this methodology on the compressor, condenser, expansion device and evaporator. He stressed out that consulting engineers need to be prepared to explain basic concepts to laypersons in non-technical language, with help of analogy and familiar experience.