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Climate and Energy Framework for 2020, 2030 and Roadmap 2050!
October 12, 2016

Climate and Energy Framework for 2020, 2030 and Roadmap 2050!

In Krakow during the “Eurovent Summit – Beoynd HVACR (link here)” I have attended the REHVA seminar and listened to presentation by Claudia Canevari about “Updates on EU Policies on Energy Efficiency: The Reviews of EED and EPBD”. Cladia cited the agreed goals for Climate and Energy Framework consist of goals for years 2020, 2030 and Roadmap for 2050.

Climate and Energy Framework for year 2020 [COM(2010)639]

  • 20% GHG reduction
  • 20% Renewable Energy
  • 20% Energy Efficiency

Climate and Energy Framework for year 2030 (COM(2014)15&COM(2014)520] European Council 23-24/10/2014)

  • 40% GHG reduction
  • 27% Renewable Energy
  • 27 -> [30%(?)] Energy Efficiency

Roadmap 2050 [COM(2011)885]

  • 80-95% GHG reduction

To achieve these goals the European Union strategy is focusing on 5 guiding dimensions:

  • Energy security and solidarity
  • Internal energy market
  • Moderation of demand
  • Innovation and competitiveness
  • Decarbonisation

Rethink energy efficiency as an energy source in its own right.

This means increasing energy efficiency, in particular in the building sector, and promoting an energy-efficient and decarbonized transport sector as well as efficient products.

Energy efficiency improvements are focused on: energy provider benefits, assest values, disposable income, poverty alleviation, health & wellbeing, energy savings, climate change mitigation, energy prices, resource management, development, energy security, job creation, macro impacts, public budgets, and enterprise productivity.

Market failures addressed by Energy Efficiency Policies:

  • Information failures
  • Split incentives
  • Short investment horizons, difficult to justify on economic grounds, in both firms and households
  • Lack of knowledge on the “business case behind EE investments”
  • High transaction costs/small projects
  • Capital market failures, and
  • Need for clear signals for companies to become actors in this new market.

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