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Radon in our homes!
November 17, 2016

Radon in our homes!

Radon in our homes

In addition to indoor air we breathe (link here), moisture (read more here) and pollutions (read more here),  in our homes, radon can also be a risk factor. Radon is a radioactive element found worldwide in soil and water, and sometimes even in the building. Nowadays, radon is no longer allowed in the building, but the house built before especially the 70s could be built with concrete that contain and emit radon. On radon-rich meadows account should be taken during construction to indoor radon concentrations do not exceed set limits.

How radon gets in a house?

From building material, water and soil. Radon is in building materials. Radon levels inside because of the radon content in the wall, the walls´ material density, surface density, the density of the wall’s other side of the area, exchange of air inside, the air pressure etc. Radon is stored in soil. Through leaks in the building’s foundation radon can be drawn into the housing from the ground. Having negative pressure in the ventilation system increases the risk that radon sucked in a house.

What can we do about radon in our homes?

Ventilate more! To get rid of radon coming from building materials and construction materials, an increase in ventilation rate to double rate could halve the radon levels.

If you have radon, it is important to have a balanced ventilation system, i.e. approximately same amount of mechanically supplied air and exhausted air. If you have a negative pressure there is a risk that radon is sucked in through leaks in the building’s envelope, a balanced ventilation system prevents this from happening.

If you have got the results from investigation that you have radon in his house, how do you know how much more you should ventilate? And for how long? In the long run it can become a costly issue if you’re going to have a high level of ventilation and the need to examine the radon concentration by conventional methods at regular intervals.

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