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December 6, 2016

Insufficient ventilation in our new homes!

Health in our homes (link here) is effected by air quality and ventilation and this is especially true when there is insufficient ventilation in homes, especially in new buildings. The question is if your home has a mechanical ventilation, than you just need a good set up for ventilation, or if you have to ventilate (or vent) by yourself using for example windows.

Link between health and air quality in homes

In one Danish study about health and ventilation where families have moved into new houses that were well ventilated but previously they have lived in a home without ventilation. Families themselves talked about a link between health status and indoor environment / air quality / ventilation in homes. The change of houses made to the families included that they experienced fewer problems with asthma and fewer colds and coughs.

Insufficient ventilation in homes could mean moisture problem

One of the reasons that there are long standing requirement of ventilation air flow in the house is that polluted and humid air should be removed because mold thrives in moisture. But as said in  environmental medicine study, they have suggested ventilation is frequently insufficient in our homes. Condensation is usually a sign of high humidity inside a house and  it can emerge due to inadequate ventilation. In the study there was a clear relationship between condensation on windows and allergy and asthma in children.

How often do you open your window? Do you vent enough?

Read about findings from Veronika Foldavary (link here) about occupants´ health in renovated apartments and issues with venting / ventilation after renovation.

Read more about our homes and ventilation

Read more about why do we need ventilation and the effects on our health in our homes (link here) and sleeping in our homes (link here). Other important issues to consider our homes are: air we breathe (link here), moisture  (read more here), pollutions (read more here) and radon (read more here).