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Save the date for seminar on Integrated design and Data Center!
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February 9, 2017

Save the date for seminar on Integrated design and Data Center!

Save the date 16th of February 2017 for Swegon Air Academy seminar in St. Petersburg on integrated design with Markus Kalo and data center with Morgan Ledner.

“Integrated design – A necessity for sustainable buildings” with Markus T. Kalo, M.Sc., Integrated Planning and Design (IP&D), Sweden

  • Integrated design approach for cost-efficient sustainable buildings
  • Focus on the building shell (insulation, orientation, building material, air tightness etc.) to reduce the amount of installed power needed
  • Secure demand controlled climate (only ventilate, cool and heat as much as necessary and only when necessary) to reduce the consumed energy
  • Install HVAC systems with highly efficient energy recovery systems (heat exchangers, heat-pump technology with high COP etc.) to reduce the externally purchased energy
  • How a perfect indoor climate together with a sustainable design leads to profitable projects with short payback times

“The Air of a Data Center” with Morgan Ledner, Global Data Center Manager, Volvo IT, Sweden

  • from the perspective of a data center provider
  • Environmental issues and investments to reduce footprint and energy consumption in data centers
  • Practical issues as a part of the reality we face today in data centers

Contact Antonina Sosnina at a.sosnina@pmvent.ru for more information. The invitation can be obtained after registration by Antonina. The program are in English and Russian.

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