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Conference on Cold Climate HVAC 2018!
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February 21, 2017

Conference on Cold Climate HVAC 2018!

Cold Climate HVAC Conference 2018 is one of my favourite conference! And I plan to attend this 9th International Cold Climate Conference on Sustainable New and Renovated Buildings in Cold Climates and it will be held in Kiruna in Sweden on 12-15, March 2018.


The overall aim of the conference is to provide the society with knowledge on sustainability from an ecological, economical and social perspective.

  • 01 Energy and power efficiency and low energy buildings
  • 02 Renovation of buildings
  • 03 Efficient HVAC components
  • 04 Heat pump and geothermal systems
  • 05 District and city energy systems
  • 06 Construction management
  • 07 Buildings in operation
  • 08 Building simulation
  • 09 Reference data
  • 10 Trans disciplinary connections and social aspects
  • 11 Indoor environment and health
  • 12 Moisture safety and water damage
  • 13 Codes, regulations, standards and policies
  • 14 Other aspects of buildings in cold climates


Find more information at www.cchvac2018.se.

The picture credits to www.cchhvac2018.se.