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AIR: Health, well-being and productivity!
March 15, 2017

AIR: Health, well-being and productivity!

It´s draughty and noisy

Air handling and ventilation plant are often blamed for problems that have completely different causes. Complaints about draughts and disturbing noises from poorly designed and improperly adjusted systems should, of course, be taken seriously. The real reasons for many of the inconveniences experienced must, however, often be sought elsewhere. A building is a complicated system in which everything, more or less, works interactively: if the air handling system is correctly designed and used, it is not the problem – it is, in fact, part of the solution.

Health, well-being and productivity

Our bodies must be able to expel excess heat, to remain within the tight temperature limits between which we feel comfortable and can work well. If we can’t do this, it will affect our well-being, our productivity and our efficiency. Then it becomes a question not only of comfort and health but also of money – for the individual and the employer, and for society as a whole. The effects that the temperature of our surroundings has on our performance and mental capabilities are still the subjects of intense research.

That the human organism is a complicated creation is obvious to most, but what are our basic needs when it comes to the environment in which we live? The first part of this book examines this question from different angles, as the answers are of vital importance when making building design decisions with respect to access to natural daylight, comfortable indoor climates and clean fresh air, and to demands for good energy management.

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