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Ventilation Tips: Location for a ventilation unit in your home!
March 20, 2017

Ventilation Tips: Location for a ventilation unit in your home!

Handy tips for a ventilation unit in your home

We want our homes to be healthy and energy-efficient. The simple way to achieve it is to have a mechanical ventilation unit with air supply and extract with heat recovery. Here is a set of practical issues you need to consider and be aware.

Airflows, air changes, air volume

The airflows should be planned to comply with national regulations, but with the recommendation that, while there are occupants in the home, the air volume should normally be completely changed every two hours.

  • The supply air should be discharged into the living spaces and the extract air should normally be taken from spaces where the air is fouled and humid.
  • Door slots are normally used as transfer routes for the air.
  • Air diffusers and devices designed for mechanical ventilation should be used as extract air terminals.

Let the expert to help you with calculation and design of a ventilation unit in your home!

Location, location, location of a ventilation unit in your home

Install the ventilation unit at a location in the home where the open service space is wide enough to be able to open the front fully, and enable you to withdraw the heat exchanger and the filters for sercive.

Suitable installation locations are e.g. a laundry room, wardrobe, machine room, bathroom, hall, attic or the like. The ventilation unit has modular dimensions
and also fits in the space provided for a top cupboard or above a water heater. If a splash-proof ventilation unit is located in a wet room, be sure to observe the applicable electrical installation instructions.

The ventilation unit must not be mounted in connection to bedroom wall/ceiling or similar rooms, where the sound emitted from the unit will be amplified as it is transmitted to the structural elements of the building.

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