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REHVA guidebook – Building automation, controls and management!
August 9, 2017

REHVA guidebook – Building automation, controls and management!

A new guidebook by REHVA guidebook Building automation, controls and management!

REHVA and its authors/editors have published another great guidebook! The REHVA guidebook Building automation, controls and management´s authors are: Andrei Litiu, Bonnie Brook, Stefano Corgnati, Simona D´Oca, Valentina Fabi, Markus Keel, Hans Kranz, Jarek Kurnitski, Peter Schoenenberger and Roland Ullman.

This guidebook aims to provide an overview on the different aspects of building automation, controls and technical building management and steer the direction to further in depth information on specific issues, thus increasing the readers’ awareness and knowledge on this essential piece of the construction sector puzzle. It avoids reinventing the wheel and rather focuses on collecting and complementing existing resources on this topic in the attempt of offering a one-stop guide. The readers will benefit of several compiled lists of standards and other relevant publications and as well a thorough terminology specific for building automation, controls and technical building management.

The chapters are describing:

  • Introduction, role and benefits of building automation, controls and technical building management
  • Indoor Environment quality (IEQ)
  • EU´s energy and climate change targets
  • Control strategies for selected subsystems
  • Integrated system approach
  • Product certification and labelling
  • System audit and labelling
  • Making buildings smart
  • Behaviour change – occupant´s interaction with building

More info about REHVA Guidebook – Building automation, controls and management!

And you can find more info about this book and many other guidebooks on REHVA website.

Stay tuned! More books coming this week!

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