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History behind the HISTORY of Ventilation Technology!
August 25, 2017

History behind the HISTORY of Ventilation Technology!

The start of the HISTORY of Ventilation Technology!

It is not easy to make a decision and publish a book. Sometimes at the beginning you start with an idea and at the end the product is somewhat different, yet even better than you could have imagined!

So how it all started, you are asking me? Basically we worked with Daniel on another project and one day he came to the meeting with several pages on history of ventilation technology. And my response was: this is cool, I have never seen a complete book on ventilation history. All of it is scattered in various books and articles. Believe me, because many of my colleagues have already asked me in the past if I have something on the ventilation history and I would have to send them many sources on this topic. So at the end I said to Daniel, let’s turn it to the book!

The team behind the HISTORY of Ventilation Technology!

In my last article (read the article here) I have already shortly introduced the team behind Swegon Air Academy newest book: HISTORY of Ventilation Technology: Daniel Olsson, Marketa Bravkova and John Bitton. There were also my colleagues who have pitched in with their ideas. I want to also thank to them for their contribution, even the smallest one.

Author of the text: Daniel Olsson

Daniel is one of my favorite people to work with. We think alike and we are both rather technical and detailed people. Daniel is the author of Swegon Air Academy books Simply EPBD and Simply GREEN. From Simply GREEN you all remember the bubble diagram comparing the different buildings´ certification system and this great picture had been actually referenced in many other books. Read more about Daniel (link here to his author page on Swegon Air Academy website).

Graphic designer: Marketa Bravkova

Marketa is a young and talented graphic designer. We have already cooperated together on turning all Swegon Air Academy books into ebooks. And she has done some graphics for me for Swegon Air Academy website. Marketa came with this cool black and white design, and her idea on the pictures has lifted the book on another level. Read more about Marketa´s cool graphic projects at her LinkedIn profile page (link here).

Translator: John Bitton

John is a very detailed focused person. And I knew that he will not only translate the text but he will also make sure that all meanings are correctly translated and explained in both languages, in Swedish and English. John has translated all Swegon Air Academy books: AIR Swegon Air Academy, Simply EPBD and Simply GREEN (read more about the books). So it was natural to invite him again to help with the HISTORY of Ventilation Technology.

Editor: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

I don’t think I have to talk about myself that much. But all of you know by now that I love books and also love making books. So of course being an editor of the HISTORY of Ventilation Technology was great and satisfying challenge!

HISTORY of Ventilation TECHNOLOGY from Swegon Air Academy free for download!

Download our book “HISTORY OF VENTILATION TECHNOLOGY – From a Western Perspective”  in English and Swedish language by going to this page (link here) and filling the form. And find all Swegon Air Academy books in our Bookshop (link here).