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New case study added! Vaasa Vocational Institute in Finland!
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October 25, 2019

New case study added! Vaasa Vocational Institute in Finland!

Are you interested in real proof that DCV system is working?

Do you like to have scientific proof that the ventilation systems installed in real buildings are working? Do you like to read the master thesis which is describing the research, monitoring and evaluation of collected results? If your answer is yes, then this Swegon Air Academy Case Study is the answer to you. The Vaasa Vocational Institute school building was refurbished in 2013 with a demand-controlled ventilation system and the monitoring & results show the energy usage.

Swegon Air Academy Case Studies are compelling interesting information about interesting buildings, renovations, building certification schemes, monitoring, research and good indoor climate.

Vaasa Vocational Institute in Finland!

Vaasa Vocational College in Finland is a secondary education centre built/refurbished in 2013, and there are 17 different vocational qualifications and 34-degree programs. School buildings are characterised by a high degree of occupancy of the premises, so in addition to standard airflow ventilation systems, appropriate ventilation systems were designed to serve the building. The long daily operating hours of the Vocational College favoured the design of adequate ventilation. In addition to everyday use, the annual utilisation rate is high as the school is exceptionally closed for only three weeks in summer.

The demand-controlled ventilation system decreased the heating expenses and consumption up to 46,8 % in heating energy and up to 72,8 % in electrical energy. The repayment time for demand-controlled ventilation system was seven years using moderate energy escalation calculations. Note: The thesis was made for one air handling unit in the building S Sähkötalo (Electric house).

Read more about this building (link here).

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