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New case study! Passive house CIK Knivsta with ice hockey hall!
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May 25, 2020

New case study! Passive house CIK Knivsta with ice hockey hall!

Largest wooden building with passive house certification!

CIK Knivsta – Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue is located in Knivsta, Sweden. And it is the Knivsta´s largest construction project yet, and it is finished by 2020. The arena with the floor area of 9 000 m2 is the largest wooden building with passive house standard certification. The arena will be open all year round offering various activities such as ice hockey, conferences and events.

Sport and culture in the same facility!

The CIK Knivsta is a combination of premises for both sport and culture under one roof. The facility has several levels and consists of: two sports halls, martial art facilities, a performing art venue, ice hockey hall, and communal spaces for socialising such as a cafe, community kitchen, community gym, conference rooms, etc.

Passive house!

The building is certified as an international passive house and it is energy-efficient, comfortable and quality-assured. The facility needs to stay both warm and cool. Concrete is used for foundations and joists, while glue-laminated timber is used for beams and posts. Concrete is also used as a heavy acoustic insulation flooring under the stage art room. The structure is designed and built to be thermal bridge-free to minimize the cold bridges.  The facade consists of wood panels made of heat-treated pine, which is maintenance-free and the facade will turn grey over the years.

The HVAC system has several parts and it is integrated with systems for heat recovery from the operations of ice hockey hall, sports halls and performing art venue. CIK Knivsta ice hockey hall is probably the first passive house ice hockey hall! The passive house concept and environmental sustainability goes hand in hand, where materials with free-maintenance are used to the greatest extent possible, especially wood materials.