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Initiative for good health with eight leaders!
June 28, 2020

Initiative for good health with eight leaders!

Healthy buildings for all!

That is the main initiative for eight associations as the HVAC leaders in the European Union (EU). The objective is to collectively promote healthy buildings, healthy indoor environmental quality and healthy HVAC systems!

“Healthy Buildings are buildings, in which the indoor environment is healthy for people to live and carry out their activities. Good air quality, a lighting design adapted to the needs of the occupants, sufficient access to daylight and views and adequate ventilation are important for creating a healthy indoor environment. Thermal comfort, indoor air quality, moisture, dust and pests, water quality, noise, as well as safety and security are also considered as aspects that must be considered in the context of any healthy building.”

We need to renovate at least 3% of EU building stock annually!

Renovation of buildings in the EU is great task and the WHO (World Health Organisation) estimates that 0,4-1,2% of EU building stock is annually renovated. If a man wants to fulfil the goal of 2050 by 50% of EU building stock to be renovated, one has to step it up to at least 3% of EU building stock renovated annually!

“The WHO estimates that each Euro spent on building renovation saves €0.42 in public health expenditure!”

Recommendations from the big eights!

  • Set harmonised mandatory minimum requirements for IEQ and for accelerating the replacements of old systems.
  • Set requirements to ensure the deployment of smart technologies for healthy buildings and the smart readiness indicator (SRI).
  • Ensure that access to public financing is subject to additional conditionality so that renovations also improve the smartness of buildings and their indoor environmental quality.
  • Include indoor environmental quality requirements in Green Public Procurement.
  • Include indoor environmental quality indicators in the EU Building Stock Observatory.
  • Set or improve mandatory requirements for the regular inspections and continuous commissioning, monitoring and control functionalities of technical building systems.
  • Incentivise training and certification schemes for building professionals, such as designers and installers.
  • Ensure the enforcement of Member States’ Long-term Renovation Strategies (LTRSs).

Who are the big eights?

The big eight leaders are AREA (European Association of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps contractors), EHPA (European Heat Pump Association), EPEE (European Partnership for Energy and the Environment), eu.bac (European Building Automation and Controls Association), EUROVENT (European Industry Association for Indoor Climate, Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies), EVIA (European Ventilation Industry Association), GCP Europe (the European association for building engineering services) and Lighting Europe (voice of the lighting industry).

Download the IEQ manifest!

To clearly state the common view of these organisations, a manifest with IEQ recommendations is now available and can be accessed via the Eurovent website.