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IEQ benefits: Good ventilation leads to healthy buildings!
July 15, 2020

IEQ benefits: Good ventilation leads to healthy buildings!

People´s health and well-being in healthy buildings!

The IEQ manifest was published in mid of June 2020 on the EUROVENT website and we have brought you this information in the news about Initiative for good health with eight leaders! (link here). The IEQ manifest puts people´s health and well-being at the centre of the EU built environment and focuses on the renovation of the existing EU building stock.

The IEQ manifest contains 8 recommendations in healthy buildings with regards to lighting,  ventilation, heating and cooling, sanitary and operation, automation and control. Each recommendation comes with additional information with specifications and added value to improve IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality). And here are some great points about IEQ benefits for everyone to consider.


Potentially, lighting can account around 20% of the total cost-effective energy-saving potential in non-residential buildings towards 2030.

The benefits of good light – natural and non-natural – are visual (good visibility, visual comfort, safety, orientation), biological (alertness, concentration, cognitive performance, stable sleep-wake cycle) and emotional (improved mood, energise, relaxation, impulse control).

LED light source brought a revolution in the lighting industry and LED can make the indoor environment more attractive, functional, dynamically adaptable to the specific needs and ensure increased energy efficiency.


“A badly ventilated building is an ill building, and this will inevitably lead to ill occupants. Therefore, ensuring the implementation of well-functioning ventilation systems in new and renovated buildings, to help guarantee an adequate IAQ, is also a critical step to optimise the energy consumption of buildings.”

Ventilation equipment ensures that the buildings are energy-efficient and preserve the health of people living in more than ever in insulated and air-tight environments.

The ventilation systems should deliver the indoor air quality – at least – based on the minimum regulatory requirements, and mandatory inspections of HVAC systems should ensure the HVAC optimal performance.

“The HVAC sector is responsible for almost half of Europe’s final energy consumption, out of which around 80% are still based on fossil fuels, especially in heating.”

Hygiene, automation, and control!

Installers need to focus on IEQ benefits such as hygienic requirements guaranteeing the quality of water (including sanitary and plumbing systems), thermal comfort in environments (including heating, cooling and air conditioning) and controlled air exchange (with good air quality for occupants).

Other IEQ benefits are also planning and design, good training and certifications, and regular maintenance of the building services.

Benefits of building automation and control could deliver a safe and healthy environment, including individual space control, increased productivity and well-controlled indoor spaces.

Some of the important automation functions are IAQ automatic adjustments based on occupancy, demand-controlled ventilation and the possibility of self-controlled and self-learning system.

Download the IEQ manifest!

The IEQ manifest with recommendations is now available and can be accessed via the Eurovent website.