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New case study added! HANAC Senior Residence in NYC!
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July 29, 2020

New case study added! HANAC Senior Residence in NYC!

Have you been thinking about what can be done for seniors in terms of comfortable housing?

Seniors’ needs are important factors when designing the building just for them. The place must have accessibility, adequate air, light and thermal comfort. And also supportive lively environment, stability capability to stay in one place and affordability, i.e low overall costs. This is not an easy task but the HANAC Senior Residence in NYC has it all! Not only for seniors living in this apartment building but also for young children that are playing on the ground floor in kindergarten in this building.

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HANAC Senior Residence in NYC!

The HANAC Senior Residence was built in 2018 in Queens, New York City, USA. The building has 8 floors with 68 housing units and on the ground floor is a pre-school. Shared spaces include community rooms, exterior gardens and terrace all design to enable social interaction. The building incorporates advanced passive house principals that will save up to 75% of energy and at the same time provide comfortable and healthy housing for seniors. Through the architecture, the building integrates into existing low-rise buildings in the neighbourhood.

The building HVAC system is comprised of small energy-recovery ventilators and variable refrigerant flow fan coil units in each apartment. Ventilation in the education facility and the apartment common areas and corridors is provided by large mechanical ventilation with energy recovery. The ventilation system is self-balancing and with high recovery effectiveness. The mechanical ventilation units have high electrical efficiency, low casing leakage and low-cross contamination.

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