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New research: Bricks to store energy!
August 25, 2020

New research: Bricks to store energy!

Could you use your bricks to store energy?

The world is definitely not slowing down and nor are new research and new technologies. Every day one can hear about new exciting ideas focusing on improving and even saving lives and future. And some days ago, an article was published at www.independent.co.uk about house bricks used for storing energy like batteries.

The idea is here!

“Regular house bricks could be used to power electronics after a breakthrough in energy storage technology.” Say the researchers from at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, USA. “Discovered that the cheap and ubiquitous material could be converted into energy storage units to hold electricity, potentially transforming houses into giant supercapacitors.”

“The feat is achieved by making use of the material that creates the red pigment in bricks: iron oxide, or rust. To tap the energy-storage potential, the scientists developed a coating made from a polymer, which is made up of nanofibres capable of penetrating the porous bricks. Applying the coating to the bricks turned them into supercapacitors, which they then used to power an LED light. A study detailing this proof-of-concept was published in the journal Nature Communications.”

There is still a long way to go for bricks to store energy!

It is definitely a new technology and idea. And it will take time to be developed, and no one knows when or even if it will be used in practical application. But even if it will not be used, then for sure, something else and something more exciting may come from this idea in future!

Here is the link to the full article (link here).

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