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New case study: Knivsta Center for Sports and Culture (CIK) in Sweden!
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November 19, 2020

New case study: Knivsta Center for Sports and Culture (CIK) in Sweden!

Can a building with an ice hockey hall be a passive house?

CIK Knivsta center for sports and culture in  Sweden, is a combination of premises for both sports and culture in the same facility that creates conditions for meetings between many different people and interests. he facility, which is built on several floors, consists of two full-size sports halls (one of which has a grandstand capacity for approximately 300 people), martial arts room, performing arts room with room for about 400 seated, ice rink with room for 300 spectators, and common communication areas (café, kitchen, gym, storage room, office and conference rooms). The building was finished 2019/2020.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

The passive house concept and environmental thinking go hand in hand. Using materials that do not need maintenance to the greatest possible extent, choosing solutions in wood in the first place and where it is not possible other materials that meet the requirements. This minimizes the number of materials, which is desirable.

Passive house technology and solid wood frame in the CIK Knivsta!

Passive house concept was chosen for indoor climate and low-energy consumption for heating. And the wood for the construction was chosen for CO2 neutrality and to reduce the climate impact in production as well as the nice feeling of cosy.

Read more about this building (link here).

Foto @ Jansin & Hammarling

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