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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Download Swegon Air Academy – Part C in PDF as a gift!
December 21, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Download Swegon Air Academy – Part C in PDF as a gift!

Recap of 2020!

The year 2020 was… I guess all about covid, social distancing and so many changes! Everyone and every company are talking about working in a safe environment and being responsible! The year 2020 is all about health, humidity and indoor environmental quality!

And heath is directly connected to well-being, productivity and health in buildings! Buildings now must secure a good environment for occupants, that is more true than ever! Here is the recap of 2020 for Swegon Air Academy!

We spent 90% time indoors! Who said it?

Why do we ventilate?

We follow HVAC knowledge!

IEQ benefits: Good ventilation leads to healthy buildings!

Initiative for good health with eight leaders!

3x key points about buildings in the future!

Interesting combination of technologies in passive house!

And don’t forget the new research!

New research: Bricks to store energy!

From printing a house to printing a HVAC system?

And another favourite topic is building case studies! Where else you can learn the most?

New case study: Knivsta Center for Sports and Culture (CIK) in Sweden!

Passive house: tennis hall, ice hockey and car dealership?

New case study added! HANAC Senior Residence in NYC!

New case study! Passive house CIK Knivsta with ice hockey hall!

And to get a good building, you need knowledge, and that can also come from Swegon Air Academy Seminars!

Suitable air quality and quantity for ventilation in tall buildings! By Peter Simmonds

It is cheaper to save 1 kWh then to produce it! By Mario Bodem

Cables are our biggest enemy for energy-efficient, sustainable, green buildings! By Alexander Hellstrom

Architecture is fundamentally about human interaction! By Jacob Stromann-Andersen

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Swegon Air Academy Team wishes a Merry Christmas to all of you and here is a gift for all of you. You can download “Swegon Air Academy AIR – Part C” in English and Swedish as “Swegon Air Academy LUFT – C” for free in PDF. Just fill this form below and receive instruction on how to download the Swegon Air Academy AIR/LUFT book in English and Swedish.

Download other Swegon Air Academy books!

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HISTORY of Ventilation Technology or Ventilationstekniken i HISTORIEN (på svenska)

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