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A new case study! Passive house is on fire!
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February 23, 2021

A new case study! Passive house is on fire!

Passive house, LEED, nZEB, zero carbon and more! Is passive house on the fire?

The passive house is on fire, especially in Canada and the USA! Not long ago I wrote an article about what type of building can be built as a passive house. Do you know that a tennis hall, an ice hockey hall and a car dealership can be built as a passive house? And do you know how tall can be built a building with passive house certification?

The passive house is on fire!

The great thing is that Fire Hall 17 in Vancouver is built as a passive house but the building aims to achieve also many other certifications. LEED v4 Gold certification, Passive House certification, CaGBC Zero Carbon Building certification and Site Net-Zero Energy through FCM.

Activities in the fire hall!

The facility for the fire hall is very demanding with respect to the activities, i.e. what will be done in this building and how it will serve? For the fire hall, it means the facility for staff and also for equipment.

Therefore the building is divided into two separately certifiable Passive House zones: Zone A (living areas) running at 20 degrees and Zone B (four drive-through apparatus bays, a full-size hose/training tower) running at 10 degrees in winter and 25 in summer.

This building showcases what is needed from a building, and that is to be flexible in operation and activities! Read more about this magnificent building (link here).

Foto credit to @HCMA

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